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Baby Toddlers Head and Shoulder Protector (Age 4-24 Months)

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Product Feature:

  • Applicable age: baby from 4-24 months
  • Applicable Scope: wore by the infant when learning to crawl, learning to walk and playing
  • Main Materials: sponge, soft and breathable
  • Main function: with the function of damping and cushioning, it can avoid or mitigate damage to the head when the head of an infant collides and shoulder protection
  • When the infant falls forward, the incline towards the face for protection at the moment of touching the ground
  • The Adjustable Headguard Protective have advantages of shock absorption,
    impact resistance, good air permeability, soft, non-toxic, odourless, antisepsis, environment protection, etc

Package Content:

1 x Baby Adjustable Headguard Protective