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Decision Maker Ball – Spin the ball and make the right decision

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This design decision ball will help you to find the right decision:

  • 1 Ask mom
  • 2 Buy
  • 3 Sell
  • 4 Go for it
  • 5 No
  • 6 Pray
  • 7 Yes
  • 8 Maybe
  • 9 Fire someone

Just spin the ball, as with the lucky wheel. The red ball displays the result.

Diameter below 5 cm, ball 4 cm, height 5 cm, very stable and solid; approx. 300 grams.

Non-slip base for secure footing when rotating and for weighing down paper or documents.

The decision target is made of die-cast glossy chrome with 9 small metal balls showing the result in red.

Gift for manager, a Boss, teachers, students and crazy trivia card players. Is delivered in an elegant gift box.

Decorate your accessories for the office table or can also be used as a paperweight.

Decision dice assist with many situations in everyday life, which are not taken as seriously.