Mini Smart Portable Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

Three-speed temperature adjustment, warm and intimate: according to your own physical needs, choose the appropriate gear: natural wind, low hot air, high hot air. Safety shell, comfortable and not hot: ABSUL94VO flame-retardant shell with PTC heating element and shell separate design case temperature is comfortable.

  • Name: Indoor humidifier (small V smart heater)
  • Category: Desktop Heaters
  • Colour Category: White
  • Applicable area: 10m2 or less
  • Electric heater maximum power: 850W (including) -1199W (including)
  • Maximum heating area (m2): 20m^2 or less
  • Control method: mechanical
  • Gear position: 3-speed heater
  • Heating method: ceramic heating

Applicable scene: office

  1. Warmth when you turn it on: 3 seconds of hot, cold boot
  2. PTC ceramic heating element: make the warmth more secure, no open flame, fast heating, self-controlled constant temperature, long service life
  3. DC heating air supply: make the heating quieter, DC air convection is faster, wind resistance and noise are smaller
  4. Small body: provide you with exclusive personal warmth, small size does not take up space, just a corner of the desktop
  5. Six safety protection, from the inside out, let the warmth more assured