Sound Control LED Lashes (3 Colors 12 Flash Modes)

LED Eyelashes Sound Control Flashing LED Lashes Interactive Eyelashes Light Waterproof ,With 3 Colors 12 Flash Modes,for Party Bar Halloween...

blank Sound Control LED Lashes (3 Colors 12 Flash Modes)
Last update was on: February 20, 2021 8:47 pm

It must be seen before purchase: As the product has a special problem, it is unable to mark the positive and negative poles of the LED lamp line. The LED line of the product is divided into A line and B line, and the socket has A socket and B socket, A-line and B-line must be inserted into the corresponding socket, and the socket also has positive and negative poles. If the wrong socket is inserted, the controller will not recognize whether part of the LED lamp is on. For example, if the positive and negative pole is inserted incorrectly, some of the LED lights will not be on. It is suggested that the buyer should keep the location set up when he left the factory. If you take down and forget the position, you can alternately adjust the socket position until the LED lamp is normal.


  • Colour: 3 Colors 12 Modes
  • Material: PCB+Silicone
  • Battery: CR2032×2,210mAh (battery can be replaced)
  • IP rated: IP65 (Do not submerge the controller in water)
  • Item weight:10g/0.022lbs
  • Wire length: 15.35 inch
  • Package size: 4.52 * 2.75 * 0.78 inch
  • Package weight: 25g/0.056lbs
  • Standby: 5 – 10 years, you do not worry about standby power consumption.
  • Product function: 12 dazzling colour mode switching with heart, voice control light, automatically light up through receiving more than 60 decibels, no rhythmic flash according to the rhythm of the music.
  • Safety and convenience-using medical led chip, microcomputer program control, low colour temperature, no heating, no damage to the eyes by the outgoing light source.

Package Content

  • A set of configuration: a pair of luminous eyelash lamp belt line, one controller containing a battery and PP plastic packaging box